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Hi my name is Lesli and I have worked in Smiley Faces after school program and summer camp for six years now. I believe that every child is unique and special. Children are bright capable of accomplishing many things. We should never under estimate a child’s capability. I believe that children need to be in a setting where they can learn, express, and grow as individuals. Children should feel safe, happy, respected, and love and smiley faces is a program that can offer this to all children. I enjoy working with kids and been able to help them and guide them in their education.

I have been working at Smiley Faces for the past three months and it has been an amazing experience.  This program offers a positive and family oriented environment for children to grow and learn.  I have always dreamed of working with children which encouraged me to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies. Smiley Faces has offered the perfect opportunity to apply my knowledge that I accrued in college and be a great role model for the children in the program.  It is a great feeling knowing that I can be a positive factor in influencing the lives of these children.  - Venise Hazel

I go by the name Miss Maria and I have been working with Smiley Faces for almost three years. I started off as a Camp Counselor during the Summer Camp session in 2009 and remained working there throughout the following school years. Smiley Faces has allowed me the opportunity to see these kids grow up right before my eyes. I was their counselor when they first started at the age of four and I have seen their smiles, their moments of sadness, and any struggles with their homework along the way. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that you left behind some impact in their lives. It is an honor to know that they request you to be their counselor year after year. Working here has even altered my career plans for the better. I not only plan on having my business degree but now also want to become a teacher.

This upcoming year, we want to welcome parents and students to look forward to a wonderful experience at Smiley faces Day care, after school program and also our summer camp program.At Smiley face, we are willing to have a quite productive year with your children and I want to express my desire to work in partneship with parents to achieve an effective learning experience. I love this program because we work as a team in order to help our students be successful.
I personally have a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Education 1st grade through 6th grade and I am going for my Masters in Special Education at Lehman College. I have done my internship at Yonkers Montessori Academy in grades 1st through 3rd grade and 6 th grade and also I have being in this program for about two years and I can assure your children are at the best environment in order to learn.
Finally, I would like to say that we will always work for our children because that is what we love to do. Love, Irene
Working for Smiley Faces have been a wonderful learning experience.  As a college student majoring in Education at Lehman College, being part of this after school program as well as a summer camp program has been one of the best opportunities I’ve come across.  Ever since I was a kid being a teacher has always been my dream job and at Smile Faces I’m able to challenge myself and be a teacher.  At Smiley Faces, we are determined to provide your children with the best attention and care as well as help them have a productive and effective learning experience.  The staff at Smiley Faces makes sure to always work as a team to help our students succeed beyond their capacity.  All in all I love being part of this program and being able to work with children. Dayanna

We are conveniently located near Cross County, Central Park Ave, Yonkers Ave, Bronx River Rd and McLean Ave.

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